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Diamond Piano Online Academy Diamond Piano's Online Academy (DPOA) is a comprehensive self-study music program for ages 6 to 106. DPOA students learn how to read music and play piano with proper technique and good musicianship AND also how to play by 'ear', how to build their own, unique arrangements of songs, and how to create their own, original music. Graduates of DPOA are skilled, knowledgeable musicians able to play intermediate level piano comfortably in a variety of styles (pop, jazz, classical, liturgical, etc.) and to learn other instruments readily thanks to the broad foundation in general music theory provided by Diamond Piano.

DPOA students have access to:

  • Our Exclusive Real-Time Tutor that allows every song to be practiced in a huge variety of different ways while every note played is assessed for accuracy
  • 1,000+ instruction videos
  • 800+ pages of text
  • 250+ songs
  • 37 levels of self-checking music theory tests (generated from a database of nearly 2,000 questions)
  • 5 music theory related video games with dozens of progressively more challenging modes
  • A built in point system that ensures proper pacing
  • A built in series of incentives to motivate progress
  • A placement test to ensure that prior experience is taken into account
  • Scheduled or 'a la carte' assistance from a certified Diamond Piano Instructor

Three Subscription Levels:

GOLD - $20/month*
Student Account with no teacher reviews included. Reviews can be purchased as needed for $35/review.

PLATINUM - $50/month*
Student Account with one teacher review per month included.

DIAMOND - $75/month*
Student Account with two teacher reviews per month included.

*subscription automatically renews monthly, but can be cancelled at any time.