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First of all, a free trial is truly free.

No strings attached.

Secondly, be sure that you choose the right level.

Don't frustrate yourself by getting in over your head. My suggestion is to request a trial of the very first Pod even if you have a little experience already. If you've got a good deal of experience, feel free to try one of the higher levels. Don't worry if you choose a level that is too hard because trials are renewable, and you're allowed to request more than one. So, if you pick a level that doesn't suit you, simply choose a different one. And don't feel badly if you have years of experience and some of the theory covered in one of the middle levels seems foreign to you. Diamond Piano covers a ton of great theory, transposing, improvisation, and arranging that most other curricula don't cover. It's not hard stuff to learn when you do it gradually, but it could seem intimidating if you jumped into the middle of it. The truth is, the main reason we have the five levels of free trials is so that piano/music teachers can use them to get a sense of the overall arc of the curriculum. For the vast majority of students taking a free trial, it's probably best to stick with Pod 1.

Finally, take full advantage of everything at your disposal.

Download/print the Pod text right away and follow the steps for success listed on the first couple of pages. Be sure to watch all the videos, play all the games, take all the tests, and hook up your MIDI capable keyboard to practice all the songs while getting instant feedback on your performance. Diamond Piano is designed to fully engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Most of us have a pretty solid mix of all three of those learning styles, but however you like to learn, Diamond Piano has prepared a method to teach you.

Good luck. Enjoy your trial.

Hopefully it will inspire you to work through the entire curriculum and become a musician for life.