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Getting Started

Diamond Piano aims to serve four groups of people: Students, Parents, Teachers, and Schools.

Exploring our Free Trial is recommended for everyone as it allows you to see the great number of tools and resources Diamond Piano provides for it's students.

Getting Started for Students

The first thing you must decide as a prospective Diamond Piano student is what type of student you will be. There are two types:
  1. Students in Diamond Piano's Online Academy - These students work independently through a monthly subscription with the option of regular or as needed teacher assessments from certified Diamond Piano instructors. The "Join Our Online Academy" link is for you.
  2. Students who use Diamond Piano with their piano teacher or their school - These students either have a monthly subscription or, in some instances, their teacher or school has arranged a student account on their behalf. The "Sign Up With School Code" link is for you - your teacher/school will give you the code.
The tools Diamond Piano students need are:
  1. A computer with a good internet connection
  2. Google's Chrome browser installed on their computer (Diamond Piano's Real-Time Tutor works best on Chrome)
  3. A MIDI capable digital/electric piano (61 keys or more is preferred - fewer keys is OK for the beginning of the curriculum)

Getting Started for Parents

Parents of Diamond Piano students are giving their students a wonderful opportunity to learn the fundamentals of music theory through playing piano. Parents are able to view the entirety of the progress of their Diamond Piano students at all times.

Unless a teacher or school has made special arrangements to enroll a student, it is the job of the Parent to create an "Administrative Account" from which to enroll their student(s). This is done via the "Join Our Online Academy" link (for independent study) or through the "Sign Up With School Code" link (for students working on Diamond Piano with a teacher or school).

Please note: Adult students studying Diamond Piano still have to create an Administrative Account first and are considered by the system to be their own "Parent".

Getting Started for Teachers and Schools

Teachers and Schools are treated as the same entity in Diamond Piano. A private piano teacher with three students owns a "School Account" with all the capability enjoyed by a large academy with hundreds of students and dozens of teachers.

School Accounts are free of charge. To request a School Account, click the "Request School Account" link.