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Welcome To Diamond Piano
Diamond Piano teaches musicians of all ages not just how to read music and play piano, but also the music theory fundamentals that will allow them to create their own original music.

Graduates of Diamond Piano are "musicians for life", able to play piano really well in a variety of styles, ready to learn to play other instruments more easily, and knowledgeable enough to arrange, improvise, and compose.
How Can You Use Diamond Piano?
Our Set of Teaching Tools Includes. . .
  • 1000+ instructional videos
  • 800+ pages of text
  • 250+ songs
  • 37 levels of self-checking music theory tests
  • Real-Time check of every note as you play!
  • 5 fun, challenging music theory video games
  • Point system to ensure proper pacing
  • Incentives to motivate progress
More About Diamond Piano's Online Academy
What You'll Learn with Diamond Piano

Of course, you'll learn to play piano, but Diamond Piano's online piano instruction doesn't stop with teaching you to read music and play pieces. Diamond Piano will also help you learn the music theory that will allow you to create your own arrangements of the songs you love, and to improvise and compose your own original music!

How Diamond Piano Will Teach You To Play

Really learning piano requires attaining an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of music. Diamond Piano presents our online piano lessons to you in a series of 37 "Pods". In each of the 37 Pods, you'll have access to several instruction videos that introduce and explain every new concept. You'll practice a series of songs that get progressively more challenging while our "Real-Time Tutor" lets you know if every note you played was right or wrong. You'll create an original piece of music in each Pod with our "Melody Maker". You'll play music theory games and take music theory tests to ensure that your level of understanding is aligned with your level of playing. And, our built-in scoring system will know when you're ready to move to the next Pod, and that next Pod will become available to you. Diamond Piano ensures that its pacing is perfectly aligned with your learning.

Who Diamond Piano Serves

Diamond Piano is perfect for children and adults who want to learn to play the piano and understand the fundamentals of music theory, and also want the flexibility and cost savings that a self-paced, online course of study can provide. Learn more about how Diamond Piano empowers music educators too.
"I think the real-time tutor might be as much fun as Mario Kart 8!"
- Zoe, age 8
"Being able to learn music that I was interested in while learning the theory behind it is one of my favorite parts of Diamond Piano."
- Josh, adult
"As an adult starting as a beginner, I have found the instruction videos to be invaluable in helping me learn the songs."
- Karen, adult
"I recommend Diamond Piano because of the solid, well-rounded, varied curriculum. It keeps it interesting and exciting.
- Ivan, age 12
"Gerry's enthusiasm and encouragement have made it fun for me to continue."
- Jim, adult